Boracay explorers

February is known to everyone as love month. This time, it’s all about my love for some adventures. February’s highlight for 2016 goes to Boracay.

Summer came early this year and the waves are calling me.

Here are my most approve activities to try when in Boracay:


  • Island hopping

Certified Water-babies ☀️


Chase the sun and don’t be afraid to go 50 shades darker 💁🏾

It’s the perfect time to explore the inner mermaid in you 🐠


  • Helmet diving

Dare to go deep


  • Parasailing

Drop all your fears and go up up and away. Parasailing ain’t scary at all.


Keep calm and enjoy the view ❤️


  • Fly fish

I want more of this ❤️


  • Jet Ski

Definitely a must-try.


The waves is my bestfriend 🌊👍🏾


  • ATV and trick-art museum

Driving without license 🏍✌🏾️

After driving for about 30 minutes, you’ll get to experience the spectacular view of Boracay through their ocean tower.


The view at Boracay ocean tower.

Wish we could have taken more photos from their trick-art museum. Museum closes @ around 5:30pm, so came early. 😉

Wag kaming tularan, hahaha (#lastcutomer)


The tricky part.


For your Boracay water activity rates, this might help.


Note: Rates are negotiable. Unlock your best charm to get the best deal. 😁


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