High Times @ O-peak

Apart from the best beaches and resorts Cebu has to offer, why not go for a trek to the highest point of Cebu. Osmeña Peak is situated in the town of Mantalungon, Dalaguete, Cebu. You’ll be amazed by picturesque view of the mountain ranges once at the peak. Sunrise and sunset is viewed from here.

If you’re planning for a different getaway and wanted to reconnect with nature, this trip is for you. It’s best enjoyed with your family or squad.

Getting there

Coming from Cebu City, take a bus from Cebu City South Bus Terminal bound for Dalaguete. Once in Dalaguete hire a motorcycle to take you to the foot of the mountain. Strike your best charm to negotiate with the driver since some may charge you more. For us, we were able to deal Php100 for a one-way trip. You may also ask your driver to take a stop-over at Mantalungon public market if you want to buy something to take with you at mountain such as foods and water.

Upon arrival at the drop off point, you have to drop by the registration area to have yourselves registered and pay Php30 as environmental fee. Once paid, you can start your journey to the summit. You may also opt for a guide to take you there but I suggest for you not to since getting there may only take twenty minutes depending on your pace and stop-overs for a photo op. Guide’s fee is upon your discretion.

What to bring

  • tent(if staying overnight)
  • water
  • foods
  • jacket
  • pair of socks
  • extra clothes
  • comfy shoes/sandals
  • blanket(it’s up to you)

For those who packed light and stayed overnight with no plan of bringing portable cooker with them is not a problem anymore. There are already store at the summit selling goodies, noodles, hot coffee and many more to have your tummy a hot fill.

Best time to get there is during the afternoon to avoid the extreme heat of the sun. By then, you have an ample time to setup tents and will be able to catch the sunset. You have the freedom as to where your campsite will be. Just look around for a perfect spot.

Some of those who climb Osmeña Peak can decide to traverse to Badian to enjoy Kawasan falls.



Sunset at O-peak



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