Throwback not Thursday!

“I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list” – Susan Sontag

Scrolling facebook’s on this day page ended up looking back to my old album posts. Oh how fulfilling it was to relive those good old days. Hopping from one place to another seeking out adventure. My feet jump for joy.

Thinking about travelling somehow makes my heart skip a beat. If only I am blessed with all the resources to satisfy my happy feet journey, I’ll be all over places.

All we need is a destination, so get those bucket list filled. The journey may be long. But believe me, you’ll get there. Just take it one step at a time.

Waiting in line: become a citizen of the world!

Looking back, here’s where I’ve been outside Cebu yet still around Philippines.

Bohol (April 2013| May 2015)


Baguio (April 2014)


Ilocos (August 2014)


Palawan (October2014)


Dumaguete (November 2014|2015)


Siquijor (November 2015)


Boracay (February 2016)


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