Our Road to Negros Occidental

Definitely a travel mostly consumed by land trips. Bus ride-fast craft-tricycle-bus ride is how we reached Bacolod also known as the City of Smiles. We depart from Cebu around 5am by bus and reached Toledo City just in time to catch the 7:30am fast craft(1-hour trip) heading to San Carlos City. We were lucky enough to be the last passengers accommodated or else we have to take Lite shipping that will take two hours. From San Carlos City port you may take a tricycle to their bus station that’s just 10minutes away. We arrived in Bacolod South Terminal at around 12nn taking the route Bacolod via Don Salvador.

Because of this trying-hard-feeling-traveller in us, first thing to do as we touched down Bacolod was to look for a place to stay. We took a tricycle to help us look for a hotel/pension house unfortunately everyone’s fully booked. After a couple of tries looking for a vacant place, we decided to let our driver drop us at Robinson to have our late lunch and try to search and call for a vacant place. And so we ended up to Regency Plaza tourist inn.

Just imagine how exhausted I was getting off from my shift the night before then spending almost half of the day traveling. It was a zombie mode kinda day. But good thing is we arrived safe.

Based on our initial plan, Campuestohan mountain resort was in our itinerary for day 1 but had to crash it off the list due to time constraints. So we just head on to The Ruins in the afternoon as planned to see how it looks during sunset since a lot are saying that it looks amazing during sunset. The Ruins is situated in Talisay City, 40minutes from Bacolod. A cab driver offered us a ride from Bacolod to The Ruins and vise versa for Php50 each. Well well well, the favor was really not in us for that day. As we reached The Ruins, it was closed to public for a wedding reception. This makes me go “why in the world are you getting married today? Walang forever!” 😜 Leaving with no choice, we need to head back to Bacolod and just enjoyed Calea’s sweet treat to take the stress away. Desserts are our sweetest revenge for this very long day. Calea’s cake prices ranges from Phpp80-Php100.


Teaser.. That epic moment.


Desserts from Calea

The next day, we spent another 6-hour bus ride going to Sipalay City. Bus going to Sipalay departs every 30 minutes. On the outskirts of town you will find Perth Paradise Resort. Going to the resort, you need to hire a tricycle. The driver knows very well on where to take you and the common activities to do in Sipalay. Normal fare is Php100 each for one-way.

But as epic as yesterday, the resort was very crowded with guests that they couldn’t let us in. But kuya driver was very nice and told us that he will just text us by the time that the resort can accommodate guests. I suggest, phone them ahead of time to book for an overnight stay room or as much as possible avoid going there on the weekends especially for a day use. While waiting for kuya’s go signal, we decided to go to Nataasan Beach Resort for an island hopping experience. Boat rental cost Php1200 for the whole group.
It was already 3pm when we were able to enter Perth Paradise. It was definitely worth the wait. The view was spectacular and seems like we own the whole infinity pool.
We couldn’t stay too long since we need to catch the last trip of the bus going back to Bacolod. Last trip leaves at 6pm.

And since this trip wouldn’t be complete without being able to see The Ruins, we took a quick visit to the place before we head home and back to reality. If going for a commute, take a jeep(Php7 minimum fare) going to North Bus terminal, then took a tricycle going to The Ruins(Php20 each one-way). Entrance fee to The Ruins is Php95. You may ask the driver to wait for you outside.



The famous reflection shot


Freshly-made sugarcane juice for Php50 only. (must-try!)



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