Canigao Island is an uninhabited island in the municipality of Matalom, Leyte. It is equally gorgeous as all other beautiful summer destinations in the country with white sand beaches and beautiful sandbars. Plus this is an island destination that ain’t gonna break your bank.


Waterbabies 💦🏝

For a bunch of kiddos who’s always up for a getaway, this is a good choice for a side trip from Bontoc, Southern Leyte’s fiesta celebration.  It’s good to have some friends from different parts of the country so accommodation is not a problem.


The long stretch of sandbar which is much clearer during low tide 💦


Island view from the sandbar 🏝



Php40 – entrance fee
Php65 – Rt boat fare
Php50 – table rental
Php10/chair rental
Food – fiesta leftovers is good to go for us(no corkage fee)

For those staying overnight, you can setup your own tent. They offer tent rentals if you miss to bring one.



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